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Chrome Pigment


08 Jan Chrome Pigment












I have recently joined the chrome pigment craze.

I ordered the Born Pretty 10g/box Shinning Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitter Powder Gorgeous Nail Art Chrome Pigment Glitters 8 Colors prices £17.99 from amazon.

8 colours were delivered within 14 days. I tested these 8 pigments on black gel, I am yet to test on other colours, but will provide updated pictures when I do.

Before I brought the pigments I had seen so many pictures of them and looked in to how is best to apply it. The pigment works best when applied to non-wipe gel top coat.

The pigment looks fairly opaque when you open each pot, you would not initially think that the finish would be as coloured as it is. The pigment is to be rubbed in to each nail with a small applicator. The applicator provided works really well, it reminds me of an eyeshadow applicator.
My client opted for a silver and blue themed nails. To get the desired finish, I polished the client’s nails with black gel and finished with a non-wipe top coat. I then pressed the applicator in to the pot of pigment and then rubbed this on to the nail. Afterwards, I then top coated again with the non-wipe top coat. I am really pleased with the overall finish and look forward to using them more often and trying the pigment on different coloured gel polish.
Thank you for reading, see you in the next one.

K x

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